Privacy Policy

1. Your Data

Tangey uses Oauth2 with Strava as a provider. All communications between Tangey and Strava servers always happens over HTTPs, and no data ever leaves your device.

2. Analytics

Tangey's website uses the open source Plausible Analytics to count website visits so the developer can be happy when someone new discovers the app. No cookies are used and no personal data—not even an IP address or browser user agent—is stored. For more information, see the Plausible Data Policy.

If you have the “Share with App Developers” option enabled on your iOS device, Apple will share this data with us in a completely anonymised manner. This is governed by Apple's Privacy Policy.

3. Testflight

Some users will have access to Tangey’s beta builds through Testflight. This requires us to provide Apple with the user's Name and Email ID which is collected through a form subject to user consent. This process is subject to Testflight’s Privacy Policy.

4. Apple

Tangey for iOS is distributed through the App Store and therefore the use of Tangey is also subject to Apple’s Privacy Policy.

5. Contact

You can contact us regarding questions or concerns over this policy at: